Who We Are

Serving CRDN customers throughout the state of Arizona is a capable and well-rounded customer service team. Jessica Nauroth, restoration manager/sales and Danielle Denney office administrative assistant, oversee the day-to-day interaction with our customers. Operations and production are overseen by Jason Kentzel, who along with all of the Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), ensure that each customer is treated expertly. In the Phoenix-metro area, this team is headed up by Jessica. In Tucson/southern Arizona, our operations manager is Jose Cortez. Our sales effort is overseen by Jessica Alamaklani (not pictured). Our team has traveled throughout the state into its farthest corners for restoration work. In fact, we've partnered with other franchises to work jobs in southern California and western New Mexico.

The flip side of our company, Bell Drapery, has a customer service/home delivery component, too. Matt Snyder, lead customer service rep, is "our guy" for client service when it comes to the drycleaning route. We are proud that Matt has been the face of Bell Drapery for nearly 20 years.

Michael Jordan


Michael came to direct our business via a non-traditional route. He brings a wealth of knowledge – degrees in chemistry, electrical engineering and business – and some rather atypical professional experience. He joined the Air Force in his early 20s and spent his career designing satellites for the Department of Defense. A rewarding career to be sure; however, when he got the call to take over the family business, his interests turned from space, back to earth. No more temporary assignments, Phoenix is indeed his home base.

Michael became president and owner of Bell Cleaners in 2001. He has served as the Chairman of the Board and President of the Western States Drycleaners and Launderers Association, and was named Drycleaner of the Year in 2004, 2005, 2007.

In 2004, he purchased the CRDN franchise for the state of Arizona. Within one year, Michael was asked to join the Partners Advisory Committee and recently completed a 10-year commitment. CRDN recognized Michael as its "Shining Star" in 2004; the Arizona franchise has achieved Platinum Level in sales each year of operation. In addition, CRDN of Arizona has been ranked the Number One franchise in the nation on two occasions since it opened its doors.

The CRDN of Arizona franchise has consistently received numerous awards for its impressive sales and customer service programs. Notably, the company has achieved ranking within the Top 10 franchises, internationally, since it opened.

In the local community, Michael is active in the Order of Malta and the Knights of Columbus. He has served on the St. Francis Xavier Finance and Development committee, and currently serves on the St. Francis Xavier Pastoral Council.

Jason Kentzel

Plant Operations Manager

Jason Kentzel is our plant operations manager. With 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry, we are proud to call Jason one of our own. Previous experience includes time on board both the USS America and USS Enterprise. Additionally, Jason spent 12 years as the operations manager for Roxy United Cleaners, and was the facilities manager for Best Cleaners. He is quite used to the fast-paced work we provide at CRDN of Arizona; at Roxy Cleaners, he supervised personnel at three plants, three drop stores and four routes...whew!

Jason is certified by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation in the pinciples and practices of pressing and drycleaning; he is trained in fire restoration, machinery maintenance and repair, and professional wet cleaning. He is a graduate of the New York School of Dry cleaning, and has attended Hazmat Spill Containment and Advance Firefighting programs.

Amber Arapovic

Account Executive, CRDN of Arizona

Amber has been a member of our sales team for nearly 10 years. She is expert in the field of insurance and restoration marketing, and has been recognized by CRDN for her sales accomplishments each year of her employment with us. Amber is a recognized member of the team with numerous awards.

Jessica Almaklani

Account Supervisor CRDN of Arizona/Southern Arizona

Jessica Almaklani is our new Account Executive, CRDN of Arizona/Southern Arizona. Jessica has worked for CRDN the past three years, serving as an insurance data specialist where she developed and refined her CRM skills. Jessica will be based in Sierra Vista and manage the greater Tucson and southern Arizona territory. On a personal note, Jessica has been actively engaged in the Tucson and Sierra Vista communities, serving on the Leman Academy of Excellence PTO, and the U.S. Army Child Youth and School Services committee. Jessica earned her Bachelor of Science degree from American Public University.

Jessica Nauroth

Restoration and Sales Manager

Jessica Nauroth serves as our Restoration Manager, managing all customer relationship management (CRM) and overseeing targeted sales contacts in the Phoenix market. Jessica is the primary contact in our offices for customer service representatives and our CRDN customers, adjusters, and industry reps. Jessica has been a member of our office management team for the past 14 months, and we are delighted that she has assumed additional responsibilities.