Drycleaning Tips

Lining Your Drapes

In this dry, and very hot, Arizona heat, we recommend lining your draperies. You also may want to consider black-out lining in your bedrooms. This lining provides not only additional protection for your drapes, but a darker room in which to sleep...what's not to like about that?

Prepare for Winter

Use the summer months to prep for winter. We realize that a 100 degree day may not prompt you to think of blankets; however, you will be glad you took care of this task when October arrives. Look in your closets for blankets, throws, comforters, etc., and we'll clean, fluff and freshen them now. Then, when Autumn leaves begin to fall, you'll be ready!

Summer Tips

Getting ready for summer fun, means it's time to store your winter clothing. Here's how we can help:

1. Prevent Permanent Stains and Discoloration

You may be surprised by a stain when it’s time to break out the winter gear once again. At Bell Cleaners, we can remove many types of stains — even the ones you don’t see — and can also fold and wrap for easy storage. Remember, "even if you only wore it once," it is wise to have your sweaters and festive holiday items professionally cleaned before putting them into storage.

2. Avoid critters

Uncleaned clothing is the perfect hideout for insects large and small. Bugs such as moths and silverfish can eat their way through your favorite sweater or leave stains that may be difficult to remove.

3. Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh

Storing clothing that has not been cleaned only allows any existing smells to intensify. Perspiration, perfumes and colognes, as well as, dust or pollen can settle into the fibers if unchecked.

Other Tips for Clothing Storage:

Store your cleaned items in plastic bins even if you keep them in your home. Ask for "travel fold" to make storage simple.

Don’t vacuum seal. Vacuum sealing your clothing may sound like a good idea, but your clothing does need to breathe. Compressing the fibers in your clothes can permanently warp and damage them. We discourage leaving clothes in plastic garment bags; use ones made of cotton instead. Clothes left in plastic bags trap moisture and promote mildew growth; cotton bags allow clothing to breathe.

Use cedar balls. Cedar smells great and is a natural way to repel moths.