Laundry and Drycleaning

Clothing... We'll help you look your best. Over-the-counter cleaning is the cornerstone of Bell Drapery & Cleaners and has provided the foundation upon which our business was built.

We value the credibility we have achieved through our drycleaning expertise and, as we've grown, have ensured that our operations team is comprised of some of the most experienced personnel in the industry.

Our Operations Manager, Jason Kentzel, is a Certified Master Drycleaner, who has fine-tuned his expertise in the drycleaning industry with more than 30 years of experience. Jason opens the plant each morning and is considered our resident "early bird." Customers, who also like the early hours, can find Jason at our counter by 6:30 a.m. The other familiar face at the counter is Randy Atwood.

Together Jason and Randy offer nearly 60 years of experience in our industry. We are proud to note that both Jason and Randy have each been employed by Bell Drapery for more than 20 years.

Also at our counter in service to our customers is Olga Swartzentruber. Olga is our seamstress, but also meets and works with our customers as needed. She is a master seamstress trained in "old school" style from Europe. Her attention to detail and keen eye for detail continues our long-standing tradition of commitment to customer service.

Featured Services:

  • Over-the-counter dry and wet cleaning of all personal items.
  • Wash and fold. Getting ready for a trip? We'll wash, fold, and dryclean all of your garments and, at your request, we'll fold and wrap your items for easy packing. Remember, we can probably even recommend a cleaner in the city of your destination based on our years of experience membership with CRDN.
  • Dress or suit shirts? We dry clean, press and finish all customer shirts on site. No outside laundry service here. Finishing touches on all shirts -- to include hand pressing at your request -- is what you can expect from Bell.
  • Drapery Cleaning. Every window treatment in your home can, and should be, regularly cleaned. Our customer service representatives pick up and deliver, re-hang and install. Industry peers have recognized Bell Cleaners as "expert" in this area of dry cleaning.