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Let’s talk Cocktail Dresses


A cocktail dress is an investment, and to keep it looking as beautiful as the day you bought it, it should be professionally dry cleaned. Once done, you’ll want to properly store your dress to keep it looking good. Here are our top storage tips for cocktail dresses:

Invest in a quality hanger. You invested in a lovely lbd (any cocktail dress), so keep it looking great with a quality hanger. Opt for wood or foam hangers to help the shoulders keep their shape. (Remember our post on suit hangers…same suggestion, here.)

Protect it from the sun. If your closet has a window, avoid storing items in direct line of the sun; prolonged exposure to sunlight, or even just the closet light, can cause your clothes to fade.

Choose a cool place. If your dress has any materials like fur, leather, or vinyl, move them to a cooler area; in Phoenix, many homes have a coat closet…try storing your dress(es) there. Why? Specialty fabrics are more susceptible to heat and can become dry and damaged if left in a sunny closet.

Use a non-plastic garment bag. Fabric, just like our skin, needs to breath, and no item should be left in a plastic bag for months on end. Instead, opt for a breathable cloth garment bag with an opening at the top and bottom. We offer this type of bag to our customers at no charge.

Give the Dress a Shape. If your dress has a lot of beading or embellishments, you’ll want to make sure it holds it shape even when it’s hanging up. We stuff the dress with either a bodice or tissue paper after each cleaning.