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WSDLA article, April 2021


Michael, our owner, was recently interviewed by the Western States Drycleaner and Laundry Association (WSDLA). The article will run next month; however, he was asked about the future of the industry. Here are his comments:

“In many ways, I don’t believe we will experience “business as usual” again. However, there is an unseen benefit for us. Our “usual” relied on technology -- to operate our machinery, track customer projects or orders, maintain accurate supply inventory, and engage with other businesses to maintain state of the art performance – while many businesses had to literally learn how to log on.

At our business, we’ve turned more attention to our website presence, our social media and other means by which we can generate business and to fortify our ability to grow. We also have paid attention to the basics. We still call our long-time customers to simply check in. We greet customers at the door, or at their car. We walk clothes to cars and will continue to meet customers wherever they may feel most comfortable. We, as an industry, are predominantly family-owned businesses whose customers choose us based on relationship. In the future I maintain that is the most important marketing tool of all.”

Small business rely on relationships. At Bell Drapery it remains job one.