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Caring for Suits


Always hang your suit up in a well-spaced area when you’re not wearing it. And don’t hang it with one of those flimsy metal hangers that will leave hanger divots in the shoulders. Invest in a proper wooden hanger with a wide-spread contoured shape to preserve the shape and drape of the suit. The hanger should be wide enough to touch the edge of the shoulders and wide enough to fill up a portion of the shoulders. Try to buy hangers made of natural wood as they will help absorb the moisture from the fabric after a long day of wear.

Everybody knows how to hand a jacket on a hanger, right? Well, yes, but even suit wearing veterans can make some hanging mistakes. Like what? The worst offense is buttoning your jackets when they are on the hanger. But the hanger, while thick, does not take up the same amount of space as you do. So, the jacket should have some overlap in the front.

If you button the jacket, the jacket bunches up in the front. Leave it hanging like that for too long and you’ll have a wrinkly jacket, thus defeating the whole purpose of hanging it.