We'll help you look your best.

Laundry & Drycleaning

Looking your best. One of the reasons why, we as consumers, choose to use a drycleaning and laundry service. After all, nothing beats the way a crisply pressed dress shirt feels or the impression it makes.

Or, how about that little black dress? Knowing, with absolute certainty, that it will look "just so" when taken from the cleaning bag is the best confidence booster of all.

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Saving your personal belongings.

Restoration Services

Right about now you are probably whispering a quiet, "Huh?" Not many people outside of the cleaning or insurance industries really know what "restoration" means. Well, quite simply it means saving your personal belongings even when you didn't think we could.

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Whether we clean and tailor your favorite suit or your best dress, create or clean your custom-made draperies and matching bedspread, we take pride in ensuring your personal preferences are regarded with the attention they deserve.

We return your clothing cleaned, pressed, folded or hung... packaged any way you ask and, we've kept our promise of over-delivering on your requests for more than 30 years.

Custom Draperies, Bedding, Window Treatments

Custom textiles. Handpicked fabrics used to create items for your home. One-of-a-kind. Special. Distinct. Finishing touches that express your personality and showcase your home with a special flair.


Drapery Cleaning

Now that your home looks its best with custom fabric creations hung from ceiling to floor, let's make sure everything stays looking its best for years to come.


Interior Design Services

We proudly employ an interior designer to help our customers with this sometimes-overwhelming task. In fact, Bell Drapery & Cleaners is one of the only drapery-cleaning and construction companies in the valley that provides the expertise to start the job right.